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Providing gaited horses for sale, riding lessons, and horsemanship instruction near Cheyenne Wyoming!

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DTR Walkers was founded by Jerod Doran in Cheyenne

Wyoming and helps you make your dreams a reality by providing: 

  • Horsemanship lessons (at our place or yours)
  • Horse training (gaited horse training also)
  • Riding lessons 
  • Smooth lateral gaited horses 
  • Horsemanship clinics
  • Problem horse training
  • Tune ups

DTR Walkers trains horses for any discipline from ranch work to driving. From ranch sorting to trail riding. We also specialize in training horses and riders for: 

  • Trail riding
  • Hauling game
  • Packing

Jerod trains horses with quality horsemanship avoiding dependance on:

  • Large facilities 
  • Expensive tools
  • Techniques dependent on surroundings 
  • "big lick" gimmicks​ 
  • Cheap shortcuts


He works with the horse, not on them, and builds a solid bond based on trust. He trains with methods you could use out on a trail or in your backyard and can teach you to do the same. 

DTR Walkers focuses on quality, offering Tennessee Walking Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses, Rocky Mountain Horses and more. They're trained on site by Jerod to fulfill your needs for a good horse.

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