DTR Walkers

‚ÄčProviding gaited horses for sale, riding lessons, and horsemanship instruction near Cheyenne Wyoming!

 My name is Jerod and my passion is horses! Especially Tennessee Walking Horses. I love all horses, and own/train many different breeds of them from large drafts to ponies. 

It All Began when I was very young and a small pony named Applejack came to our home.  Although, he was my older sister's horse, he was the start of my plan to make horses a big part of my life. I began working Tennessee Walkers in my early 20's and don't plan to stop any time soon. Teaching horses and riders is a truly fulfilling endeavour. 

My mentor has decades of experience and was thrilled to share it with me. I took every opportunity to learn from him and improve myself.  I still, to this day, enjoy riding with him and picking his brain.  We both share the mindset that we can learn from our own experience, and from as many other more experienced trainers/riders as possible then apply that to our horses.  Passing this wisdom on to the next person eager to improve his/her horsemanship is a real pleasure.

My Passion is taking a wonderful horse full of potential and teaching them to be outstanding.  I don't use any of the training where you hurt or demoralize a horse until he/she gives up and submits.  I use horsemanship. I maintain leadership and the horse and I work together. I strive to continue learning how to communicate with my horse through their language not mine, then teach as though they're my partner.  My horses are trained in a calm manner and are much more comfortable. Once they learn the job, they're happy to perform.

The best mountain country in the lower 48 is not only my backyard, but where I train. Gaited or not. I complete ground training and basic riding training at my facility.  When completed, I take them out away from "home". They're exposed to many obstacles, sights, sounds and stimulants. I do much of my riding in the Rocky Mountains and honestly, I feel most at home there.  A good horse, and a good view make the best memories.

My Purpose  in this business is to provide a quality service to those interested in horses so they have a chance to find the same joy in riding that I do. To spread knowledge and give opportunities to those interested in gaited horses in and near Wyoming, and to improve as many people's horsemanship as I can. I can't wait to help you achieve your dreams.

Jerod Doran

The natural horseman and gaited horse trainer