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Providing gaited horses for sale, riding lessons, and horsemanship instruction near Cheyenne Wyoming!

Horseback Riding Lessons


Horsemanship Instruction

Riding Lessons

Objective Eye: DTR Walkers can help you refine a current plan by helping you communicate with your horse.  We'll help you improve your horsemanship methods by improving your: 

  • knowledge of the horse
  • groundwork techniques
  • good riding habits
  • soft hands
  • getting a smooth gait from the horse
  • recognition of the horse's body language
  • recognition of signs and actions to be concerned about
  • stopping problems before they start
  • how to work through problems if they occur
  • and much much more

The first hour with new clients is FREE.  It's used to evaluate where you are in relation to your goals, then to work out a plan to achieve them. 

Follow a Certain Style/Method of trainer whether it be Parelli, Anderson, Whitesell, Roberts, Brannaman, Zigler, Lyons, etc.? We don't try to change what method you're following.  The goal here is to help you do what you're doing, better. Good Horsemanship can be applied in any equine activity. Jerod is familiar with many of the popular trainers techniques in order to better assist you with your plan.  

Should you not have one yet, get started with ours. 

New rider?  No problem! DTR Walkers will help you establish a:

  • working knowledge of horses 
  • general care and safe handling
  • good confident seat 
  • understanding of different gaits 
  • recognize gaits visually, audibly and through your seat

You'll also develop methods to safely and effectively:

  • improve the horse's gaits

  • trailer your horse

  • stop things like pawing or walking off while mounting and much more

On gaited horses the three primary gaits trained are the: 

  • Flat walk 
  • Running walk
  • Rack  (Canter on request)

On a "3 gaited horse" e.g. quarter horse, DTR Walkers will help you with: 

  • building a solid foundation of training
  • preparing you to specialize in eventing
  • posting
  • exercises to improve their gaits (relaxed trot, rocking horse canter, etc.)
  • Collection
  • soft hands and using your seat and legs to drive 

We'll stay within your comfort zone and meet all of your goals!

On-Site Lessons Pricing:​

  • $40/hr  Students, first responders and Military 10% discount

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Mobile Lessons: Jerod will come to you with quality horsemanship lessons by the hour (trail lessons charged flat rate). You will have one on one personal instruction so you can achieve your maximum potential in horsemanship. 

Mobile lessons pricing:

  • $40/hr  Students, first responders and military 10% discount
  • Free travel up to 25 miles one way (address to address by google maps when available)
  • $.56/mile 

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On trail training/lessons. Ever get out on a trail ride and get into a situation that makes you uncomfortable or frustrated? Maybe your horse won't cross a ditch, won't go more than a mile from the trailer, won't ride comfortably in any position of a group? Jerod can be right there to help! Ride along with a friendly professional there to help you with all aspects of your experience.  

Single and Group ride training available!*

Doing well on the trail? Let DTR Walkers take you to the next level.

Weekend and overnight camping/packing sessions also available. Contact for details and pricing. 

On trail Pricing:  Trail ride assistance is charged half or full day of saddle time and per mile to the trailhead or where we combine to your trailer of horses.

  • $.56/mile
  • $200 half day. Timed from unload to loading of horses. Up to 4hrs 
  • $350 full day. Up to 8 hours or until the ride is finished, based on situation
  • Contact for overnight and weekend sessions 

*Horses must have current health inspection showing negative coggins and brand inspection to ride out of home state. Certain training/proficiency level required for group rides. Other restrictions may apply.

Lets get training!