DTR Walkers

Providing gaited horses for sale, riding lessons, and horsemanship instruction near Cheyenne Wyoming!

Horse training with

quality horsemanship

Training Your Horse

Bring your horse to DTR Walkers and Jerod can train him/her to do their best.  He will complete: 

  • Groundwork to build a foundation
  • Riding training
  • Gait consistency 
  • Proficiency on mountain trails and neighborhood roads

When he says the horse crosses water, it doesn't mean they'll cross the same puddle on the property that every other horse does, they will cross streams and rivers and will do so trusting in you. 

Crossing obstacles isn't them hopping over a log on the ground in the pasture, they traverse fallen trees, ditches and boulders.

Gait training: The miles of open space and/or dirt roads nearby will be used to get a consistent smooth gait on command from a relaxed horse. No heavy shoes, chemicals, chains, bungee cords or any other gimmick, just quality horsemanship. 

Training Prices:​

  • $40/hr  Students, first responders, and Military 10% discount
  • $700/mo for training/board (includes 5 sessions/wk and two full days in the mountains (on request and weather permitting))​.
  • $40/hr or flat fee for problem horse work. Decided at time of  agreement

Lets get training!

Mobile training: Quality horsemanship brought right to you. Jerod will train your horse to achieve its potential and assist you with maintaining it using all the same methods he uses on-site.  Gaited or not.

Mobile training prices:

  • $40/hr  Students, first responders and military 10% discount
  • Free travel up to 25 miles one way (address to address by google maps when available)
  • $.56/mile or airfare. Whichever is less. (restrictions apply)
  • 2 days with an overnight and weekend sessions available. Contact for more information

Cancellation policy:

  • 24hr notice required
  • Less than 24hr notice is $40 fee (per client)
  • If Jerod has begun traveling, fee plus mileage/airfare.

If you're unable to haul your horse, DTR Walkers can pick him/her up.  

Lets get started!

Tune ups

  Have a horse that is wonderful but just a little rusty? It's not a problem, DTR Walkers can help you.  There are three different options to start from. 


The Basic:  This is for the horse that just needs a reminder. Examples for use can be: 

  • breaking the winter rust off
  • older "been there done that horse" before your family comes to ride
  • Keep your horse in shape while you're away

Things like that.  

The intermediate:  This would be for a horse that has been out to pasture for a few years or has been ignored in lieu of your new foal. The kind that know what to do, they've just become "stubborn in their forgetfulness".

The Reset:  This would be for the horse that doesn't do what you want, and they have been taught something you don't want. Maybe you let your friends ride on a multi-day trip and they taught your horse bad habits. They are still in the safe to ride and handle category though.  

Have a "problem" horse? Horse that won't load? Contact for help.

Tune up Pricing:

  • The Basic.  Starting at $200
  • The Intermediate.  Starting at $500
  • The Reset.  Starting at $950

Schedule it.

If you buy a DTR Walker from us, Basic tune ups are free once a year.