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What is a "gaited horse"? A gaited horse is a horse that has a genetic compositions that allows a wider spectrum within the range of locomotion. The gene, DMRT3, allows gaited breeds to vary from diagonal gaits, e.g. the Trot, to the far end of the lateral spectrum e.g. the Pace.

In the Trot, a diagonal pair move at the same time (front right and hind left) whereas in a Pace, a lateral pair move at the same time (left front and left hind).

This addition to the spectrum of locomotion allows for the smooth and efficient methods of travel commonly referred to as the Flat Walk, Running Walk or Runwalk and the Rack.

Some gaited breeds like the Foxtrotter will tend toward the diagonal in their smoothest gait, the Foxtrot. The Foxtrot adds a timing adjustment that breaks the 2 beat steady timing of a diagonal pair and allows for a smoother motion.

To the lateral side tends the Standardbred. They have their common gait, the Pace.  It offers no diagonal characteristics at all. The two feet on one side will lift and move at the same time.

Do I need to have previous experience for your services? No.  DTR Walkers can help absolute beginners and experts alike. 

Do you work with regular horses? Yes. DTR Walkers works with draft horses to Shetlands and Quarter horses to gaited horses.

Once we start training at my property can I Still come to yours for a lesson? Yes.  Our training plan is inherently flexible and we can teach you horsemanship on your horse or ours. 

If you have questions not answered here or about the reading, just send an email. You'll get a prompt response.

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Links to help you find more answers:

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National Thoroughbred Racing Association website. Also see your state's Thoroughbred registry. Find WY's here.

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American Saddlebred Horse Association's website.

BLM Wild Horse and Burro program website.

Gaited horse myths BUSTED! Why should you consider gaited horses for your next purchase? read the top 10 myths about them. How they're busted and why.

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What to look for in possible hoof issues or conformation concernsIt's one-page with photos.

Glossary of Therapeutic Farriery Terms.  Ever wonder what club foot really is or sulcus? Maybe the definition of an abscess? 

American Farriers Journal has a bunch of quick-read tips and tricks whether you are a DIY farrier or want to dispel more rumors and myths.

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